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Looking for a cost-effective and quick transcription service? eWord Solutions has provided fast and affordable transcription for the legal, financial, insurance, and entertainment industries for years.

Our Transcribing Team

We can reduce your secretarial / transcription services cost by 50%. We have a team of highly skilled professional typists waiting to transcribe for you. Each dictation is hand-typed and proofread to ensure the utmost accuracy and care.

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Finally, a transcribing company that works on your time schedule, standing by 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Submit dictation securely online, then sit back and leave the rest to us. Get started today!
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Transcription Services

Specializing in Med-Legal transcription, eWord Solutions, Inc. is a true American-based company. Not only are we headquartered in the Los Angeles area but all of our typists are in the United States as well.

Your work is guaranteed to be confidential by virtue of the fact that it never leaves United State’s legal jurisdiction, thus ensuring client/attorney privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Eword hires only the best typists America has to offer, from stay-at-home moms to war veterans. There is great talent here in the United States and in spite of 98% of transcription companies doing business in India and the Philippines, eword’s mission is to keeping America working.

Your work is not only transcribed by a very accurate typist, it is also proofread with the audio to ensure that nothing was omitted and that it reads correctly.

Although eword has over a hundred subscribers we treat each client as if they are our only one. We take great pride in our work particularly in customer service. Since all of our typists share in the profits of eWord we all have a stake in providing you the best transcription and it shows in our work.

eWord has many ways for you to transfer your audio: you can use our free Droid or iPhone app or our free call-dictation system or even use your own dictation device.


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USA Transcription Services

You folks did a great and timely job. We sent three audio files to one of your competitors who outsourced it overseas. The transcripts were poorly done because English was clearly not the transcriber's native language. It took us additional hours of our own time to correct the many errors.

– ChristoptcKinnon
Senior Policy Advisor